About Us
About Us

The biggest challenge Promotional Businesses & Uniform Companies face is the need to have ready artwork for production. Although there has been a great influx of service providers for providing print ready artwork and digitizing services, the bigger challenge has been to get high quality work done, and that is what led to the inception of Dsigncell.
Dsigncell was established in 2003, with only one mission, which is to provide the best and a vision to be the best, in Artwork redraw and Digitizing Services. With the artwork industry preparing to bloom full, the unparalleled work ethic showcased by Dsigncell has helped it to reform the industry and make itself known as a leading service provider. Our successful service record has seen us deliver artwork solutions for corporates and businesses hailing from USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our expertise and specialisation lies in delivering the best solutions for Vector Redraw services, Embroidery Digitizing services and Embroidery services.

Why Us

Providing the best Artwork and Digitizing services, consistently, is not an easy task, but, at Dsigncell, we have taken it as a challenge and try to deliver only the best to our clients. We realize that always you expect the best quality service and the best quality output. It is what induced us to deliver only the best quality so that you would receive what you did expect.
Be it Vector Artwork, or Embroidery Digitizing or Embroidery Works, each stage of our process is strictly scrutinized for adherence to our high benchmarks. This strict ‘work and check’ process enables us to maintain high quality standard in the works that we do. This being said, with us, you can be sure to receive only the quality that excites you, and not dampens you.
What we are excited about us are:

Professional Touch - A touch of professionalism is sure to elevate any work to a higher level. We ensure that we have only the right professionals who are equipped to deliver results that exceed your wildest imagination. For this, we make sure that we work and deliver output that meet our own high benchmarks.

Ultimate Customer Satisfaction - We give the most importance for your satisfaction as a customer, because only that can bring you back to us. Our services are strictly tailored to complete works before deadline, even without compromising slightly on quality.

Fast Turnaround - Time is of the essence in every task, and we realize that for you each second counts. Our fast turnaround feature helps you to get an output of your file within 24 hours for your inspection so that you can give the nod as soon as possible and rest easy.

Affordable Rates - Well this would surely be one area you would be concerned about with other providers. With us, you can be sure that you needn’t be worried a bit about the quality of our services, even though, you needn’t pay as much as you pay others.